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MY REVIEW: Excelent food, great prices, nice portion sizes. Lunch Special is a great value. Teriaki Beef appetizer is amazing!



MY REVIEW: my family had a busy day and i found their menu on our door. i am not crazy about chinese food, but i thought we could give it a try. it was wonderful. ditto from the previous reviews we got the family dinner and added steamed dumplings for an appetizer. we will be ordering once a month for sure.

NAME: ohmolly


MY REVIEW: We got a flyer in the door a while back and it had been a long day, so we decidded to call and order. We had a wonderful experience! The staff was polite on the phone, the delivery time was quick, the food hot and delicious!! We have ordered many times since, have driven by and gotten take-out and the food is always the same "GREAT!" I have recommended it to several people, although I did think I would keep it as my little secret, but they too had the same experience we did! We just ordered from them now... mmmmm... if you like Chinese food, try it, I am so glad that we did!!!

NAME: Good take-out rules


MY REVIEW: I've ordered from these guys a few times now. They are always friendly on the phone, but sometimes have a little trouble understanding you. They have never got an order wrong though, so I can't complain.

Portions are always well sized and food is fresh. Meat is well trimmed of fat. Seasonings are good, never too strong or weak.

I'm actually waiting for an order from them right now. Om nom nom....

NAME: Matt


MY REVIEW: This menu was placed on our front door, which normally I hate, but in this case I am glad I received it. JB's delivers promptly, is cheap, and their portions are HUGE. It usually takes me two days to eat my dish, so another nice point is that they deliver in these convenient bowls that can be reused and reheated (because you will need it). They offer diet dishes as well for those of you who are concerned. Their orange chicken is the best that I have had in a long time. You also get a free appetizer with delivery, lately it has been an order of crab puffs. I am assuming this is family owned and they have always been super friendly when we have called to order. I highly recommend this place.


JB's is nothing fancy--it's what you'd expect for a small, neighborhood Chinese place. Food is not bad--vegetables are fresh, sauces are flavorful, menu has all the "Chinese" dishes suburban America expects to see. I got the Family Meal with spicy and tangy chicken and garlic pork. Both were very enjoyable. I got the fried rice, which I wasn't impressed by: It had an unusual yellow color, the rice was too underdone, and there was little flavor. It was only rice and scrambled egg, and rather bland. Next time, I'll just get steamed rice.


We got a flyer in our door and were tired and thought we would try it... We were wonderfully surprised at the quick delivery time, the friendliness of the staff, the food was hot and delicious and exactly what we ordered. We have had delivery from here several times, passed by and gotten take out! The dining area is a bit sparse, but the food makes up for it!! I have recommended others and they too haven't been disappointed!!


Finally, some good chinese food in the Webster/Clear Lake area! JB's is a small restaurant located in a strip center on El Dorado at Hwy 3. We just tried their food last night and our experience was so wonderful that I had to put up a review right away.

Their prices are very reasonable, service is friendly, and food is fantastic. Every single thing we ordered tasted great, and this was the first time that I did not feel sick after eating chinese food! Wonderful flavor, no MSG. They use 100% vegetable oil to cook the food in, and they give you large amounts for what you pay for. Quality of meat is very lean, which was such a pleasant surprise compared to most other chinese restaurants in the area.

Another good thing is that they deliver within 5 miles. They can be very busy at times so if you cannot get through to them by phone right away, just be patient because it is worth it!



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